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Update #1 - Brad's Web Designs

Brad's Web Designs
Brad's Web Designs
What is Brad’s Web Design? When will it available to access?

Good news! I’m still here, been busy building amazing templates for multiple page websites that load quickly & work similarly smooth for your customers when they access your website. You will easily be able to purchase my amazing designed website templates soon through the Carrd platform on to use on the Carrd web builder, to make your website absolute perfect, that will also be mobile optimised!
I’m so excited to show them off, here’s a few examples!
When will they be available for sale for your website? Well, very soon. As much I love doing this, unfortunately it’s more of a side project for me as I still have my other work and social life to think about. So give me time, but I promise I’m working on as much as I can to make the website, absolutely perfect!
I would like it to be as easy as possible for customers to get around, and be able to understand more on what I’m selling and how the new web builder platform, Carrd is a good choice for building your website on using one of the templates with good tutorial videos & articles, as well as making it easy to understand on what Carrd price plan would be good for you with the template that you like to purchase, as you’ll need a Carrd package for the website builder with the web host included, either using a free domain provided by Carrd, or using your own custom domain name that you may already own, or can buy one using a domain provider like Enom, Gandi, GoDaddy, Google Domains, iwantmyname, Namecheap or
I so can’t wait to show off my work I made using the Carrd platform! Stay tuned for updates by signing-up to the newsletter above or by following on Facebook or Twitter.
And of course, lastly, a massive thank you AJ for building an absolute amazing new website platform! 😊👏
Making websites is fun again
Want to know more about AJ and his Carrd platform? Listen to these podcasts by The SaaS Podcast below:
Omer Khan
This week I chat with @ajlkn about how he built Carrd. It started as a side project to see if he could build a simple site builder for one-page websites. And with zero marketing, AJ's grown it into a profitable one-person #SaaS business.
Omer Khan
In 2020, I interviewed @ajlkn on how he grew @carrd to $30K MRR. We recently chatted again about how Carrd is now doing over $1M ARR and hosting over 4 million websites with a team of just 2 people! 🤯
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Brad's Web Designs
Brad's Web Designs @BradsWebDesigns

Affordable, professional website templates for your bussiness, with excellent support on how to create your website with our templates on an easy-to-use CMS software, Carrd to make your website absolute perfect for your customers.

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